Saarland Clock Museum

Saarland Clock Museum

Saarland Clock Museum

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The Saarland Clock Museum was opened on November 6, 1992. It is carried out on a voluntary basis by the members of the Friends of Old Watchmaking Art e. V. operated.

The conception of the collection is to present the development of time measurement from the beginnings to the present - from the sundial to the atomic clock - and to process it in an educational manner. In addition, it is important to preserve the knowledge and art of the dying watchmaking trade.

As a place of art and culture in the Saarland, we not only organize special exhibitions but also a variety of lectures and presentations in cooperation with the adult education center.


Room 2 - Elemental Clocks

Room 3 - Magnificent clocks

Room 4 - Tower clocks

Room 5 - Alarm clock

Room 6 - Pocket watches

Room 8 - Workshop

Room 9

Room 9 - Black Forest Clocks

There are a few clocks in this room that we would be happy to show you. Please contact the supervisor.

The cuckoo clock is not the typical Black Forest clock, but the lacquer shield clock. It is the most widely produced clock and was exported all over the world in the 19th century.

Image: The “time biter” eats the past few hours.

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